October 13, 2016 BY Brenda Nelson

Saskatchewan’s many colors.

Saskatchewan is like a blanket of many colors. Not just because of the seasons, the people here have room to breathe and are the friendliest you can meet. (Maybe it’s the best air quality on the planet. I’m certain there has been discussions about bottling it. Oh, if only.)

All races of people live here. We have our First Nations, Metis, European Ancestry, British, Scottish, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian’s, Jamaican’s, Syrian’s, East Indian’s, Philippine’s, Mexican’s, New Zealander’s, German’s, Australian’s and more. However, this is not a test.

We are accepting and that’s what keeps people in and coming back to Saskatchewan.

We celebrate with several events throughout the year. Pow Wow’s, Folk Fest, Tapestrama (a multicultural event), Octoberfest, Caribbean Fest, the Chinese and Julianne Calendars and more.

– Good Times and Good Food !!!

Come Celebrate with us!!  Stay with a SK Staycation Destination!!

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