December 18, 2016 BY Brenda Nelson

Happy Holiday Season from SKStaycation !!


This is where we live and play. You may have heard it is a little cold right now.  Ok, maybe really really cold.  That doesn’t last that long.  We are able to enjoy the outdoors all year.  You may have seen the Saskatoon was just listed, top three, as one of the healthiest cities to live in Canada. If you don’t mind putting on a parka, a toque and scarf you can enjoy the crisp winter air. Try some Ice Fishing, we really don’t have to wait until summer.  Set up your Ice Shack and auger a hole in the ice and you can enjoy fishing with you best pals.  This cold weather is what make the best ice, safe for traveling on with Snow Mobiles, Skis, ATV’S, even Trucks and Transports.  If your lucky and the timing is right, the cold and little snow, our lakes turn to big skating rinks.

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