Water Ski and Wakeboard Saskatchewan

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As the governing sport body for water skiing and wakeboarding in Saskatchewan, we work with our national organization Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada on behalf of Boaters and Water Ski/Wakeboard enthusiasts across the country. For the past 25 years, our Association has put together funding from the government and corporate sectors along with hundreds of volunteer hours to promote and develop the various towed water sports.

Generally between 60 and 200 water restrictions are approved and imposed across the country by the Canada Coast Guard each year. Working on your behalf to ensure that these are valid is one form of advocacy which is carried out at a national level.

Teaching water skiing and wakeboarding is a major activity of our association and each season we hold clinics for all levels of skiers and boarders from the beginner who’s getting up for the first time to the competitor who’s preparing for the National Championships. Our coaches are always accredited by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and can also tech boat driving and boat safety.

Saskatchewan has provided many outstanding athletes to Canada’s National Water Ski teams, and the Saskatchewan Water Ski Association allocates funds every year to support the training of the future as well as current international level athletes.



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